Symbiotic relationships

via Daily Prompt: Symbiosis

    The humankind has become so interdependant that unless there is cooperation among the different nations no worthwhile common goal is achievable.The strength of one nation can be of use to another nation.A mutually beneficial relationship needs to be forged,whether it is for tackling global warming or the looming threat of terrorism .In a similar vein some countries may be blessed with abundant natural resources,which might be of use to another nation not so richly endowed.

























Labels and Perceptions


via Daily Prompt: Label

         Whatever label we give a person creates a public perception .You would agree that perceptions do matter.A person perceived to be efficient ,meticulous ,creative and innovative is expected to be the same.The perceptions about a person can make or mar his prospects in a job.Therefore we need to be able to create perceptions .It is quite likely that labels are not the yardstick to assess a person.However, the perception born out of a label can be one of the many considerations.Therefore perceptions arising out of a label do matter.

Immerse and transform

via Daily Prompt: Immerse

         I immerse myself in books that inspire and motivate in achieving the best .These books have impacted me in a big way in transforming myself through a shift in my attitudes,thinking and beliefs.Anyone who aspires to achieve something in life needs to do devote some amount of time to read and keep updated whether in the profession or otherwise.There are several authors who are adept with words that it is truly an immersive experience to  peruse their work,be it fiction or non-fiction.Anecdotal evidence suggests that a daily reading habit for 30 minutes to an hour makes considerable   difference to shape our outlook and attitude.

    In a similar vein immersing oneself observing nature with all its myriad hues can be a very relaxing experience.Whether it is the gradual change of seasons or inhaling the pure and pristine air from a mountain top,one needs to experience the same ,revel and marvel at the beauty and wonder of nature.

   Similarly,it is indeed an out of the world experience to look inwards and immerse oneself in meditation.It is now scientifically proven that a daily dose of meditation can do wonders to keeping good health.It is not only stress relieving but also helps us focus better,We are living in an age of distraction,be it checking our inbox for mail or updating our status on Facebook,or reading our messages.Daily meditation enhances our ability to handle stress which has become such an integral part of our lives.

Observing nature can be an immersive experienceimmerselanternwords