Kindness of strangers

         We experience several incidents in life,which leave us for the better or the worse.Some of these experiences leave an indelible mark on us.They get so deeply etched in our sub-conscious brain that it is almost difficult to entirely eliminate them.One such incident which I had experienced was the honesty and integrity of a cab driver .I had rented a cab to attend a function at my cousins house.While alighting from the cab at reaching my destination I had left my expensive cell phone in the rear  seat.I did not ever  imagine that I could have left the phone since I am very careful in ensuring that items are not lost.

      It was after a full two hours that my cousin informed me that someone wants to see me at the main gate.When i went towards the gate i could see the familiar driver who had just dropped us.With a beaming smile he returned my cell phone intact.It was only then that I realised that i had left the phone in the cab.I thanked him profusely for his kind gesture and requested him to wait in order to reward him suitably.i went inside to get some cash.When I came out,I could not find the cab driver.All my searches inside and outside proved futile.Here was a total stranger who showed integrity and honesty with no expectation of anything in return.Kudos to him and may his tribe increase!