The adventurous descent

via Daily Prompt: Descend

      The word descend conjures up a mixed feeling of exhilaration and excitement.I vividly recall my trip to Gangtok in the state of Sikkim in India.Sikkim is one of the states of India,known for its natural scenic beauty and picturesque glaciers.We had planned a trip to the Nathu La pass  on the Indo-China border.After obtaining  security clearances we headed for the pass  in a jeep driven by a local experienced driver .The trip was indeed adventurous as we ascended to the pass surrounded by snow and glaciers and frozen lakes.We passed through a very undulating terrain and hair pin bends.

        After an enjoyable trip up the mountains,we started our descent towards late afternoon.While on our way back we got caught in a blizzard and the visibility became very poor.All of our team were indeed nervous and anxious as to whether we will be able to reach the base safe and sound.It was adventurous since our driver was the coolest person who kept assuring us that there was nothing to worry and that we were in safe hands.The innumerable hair-pin bends .at times blind ends and the thick blanket of snow would have deterred anyone.We all prayed for our safe descent.However despite all the gloominess our driver who was a Gorkha proved his mettle as a expert driver who could almost drive blinfolded in that route.It was as if he knew those trecherous routes like the back of his palm.It was a big relief for all of us when he brought us back safe and sound to Gangtok.We heaved a sigh of relief as we entered the town.We immensely thanked our driver friend and were full of praise for his driving skill and prowess and expressed our deep sense of satisfaction and gratitude for having made our trip memorable and adventurous.

Some pictures taken by the author at Gangtok and Nathu La Pass



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